Im Back and Nikon F2 camera – (photo by I’m Back)

I am, Samuel Mello Medeiros, Brazilian-born Portuguese of choice and Italian of passion!
I’ve just launched a product on site, which like all ingenious things it is simple, cheap and brings to life the old analog cameras.
I’m Back – It is a digital back for 35mm film cameras, which by design that I patented can be used in most 35mm cameras, both the Reflex as those rangefinder.
Motherboard uses a raspberry pi and an 8-megapixel camera module.

Follow our facebook page for the latest news about my invention and my kickstarter page to help me realize this project!

I have used cameras since when they were analog with “12, 24, 36 films” and I have always wished to use them again but with the possibility to get the photos right away without expensive films and developing time.

For some years I have been thinking of a way to save them from oblivion and three years ago I began to think about a possible way of giving them their lost dignity by plating them with 24K galvanic gold. –